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Use self-consumption surpluses

The heat accumulators are able to use the surplus of photovoltaic production, converting solar energy into accumulated heat, to gradually transfer it to the room, providing free heating to the home.

  • It transforms the available surpluses into heating.
  • Savings in consumption.
  • Integral management via wifi.
  • Clean and sustainable heating.
  • Use of the installation of solar panels.

Clean and sustainable heating

Savings in energy consumption

Cares for the environment

How does it work?

Solar storage heaters can function as a back-up system for a main heating system by consuming only the surplus heat from the photovoltaic system that is fed into the electricity grid. These surpluses will be transformed into accumulated heat, which is then transferred to the room according to the established comfort requirements.

If the production of surpluses is not sufficient to provide the desired heating, the solar heat accumulators can function as the only heating system, completing the load during off-peak hours.

Find out the reasons to install self-consumption heating

All are advantages

Efficient management of surplus solar energy

Solar storage heaters convert all available surpluses from self-consumption photovoltaic systems into heat.

Connection via Wifi

These devices have the integrated G. Control System for configuration and remote control via wifi over the internet.

Management via the App

The solar storage heater line can be managed with mobile devices via its own app.

Electricity consumption meter

You can check the electricity consumption of the solar storage heaters during operation in the app.

Patented Technology

The patented Solar Manager technology manages surpluses and self-regulates and supplements loads with modulating operation.

Intuitive control panel

They incorporate a TFT screen with a new simple and very intuitive keyboard, from which all the equipment’s functionalities can be accessed.

Daily and weekly programming

With the App you can manage consumption, operating modes and schedule charging and comfort hours.

Load in off-peak hours

If necessary, the accumulators can be fully charged during the most economical hours of the tariff, the off-peak hours.

Quiet operation

The dynamic storage tanks are equipped with a low-noise fan for heat dissipation. Static storage tanks are completely silent during heat transfer.


Proximity detection using the geolocation function integrated in the solar storage heaters via the app.

Compatible with Voice Systems

The accumulators are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice systems via the App.

Management of different users

It is possible to provide or revoke temporary access to different users for the control of heating equipment. Ideal for equipment control in all types of accommodation.

Photovoltaic electric storage heater

The electric heat accumulator takes advantage of the surplus photovoltaic production of the house, converting solar energy into accumulated heat, to gradually transfer it to the room, providing free heating to the house.

Thanks to Solar Manager technology, the surplus photovoltaic energy is distributed to all the accumulators, adapting the power of each of the units to the available energy, taking into account the priorities established by the user in each accumulator, as well as the setpoint temperatures in order to efficiently distribute the surplus. With Ecombi Solar’s wifi-controlled heating system, the distribution of surplus heating can be visualised on a daily, monthly or annual basis. In addition, it establishes the comfort priorities for each room, selects the operating mode that best suits the desired comfort and defines the setpoint temperature in each of the units.

To get the most out of this technology, the accumulators allow three operating options.

Support for another heating system: In this mode, the storage tank uses all the surpluses from the photovoltaic system for its operation, providing heating based on these surpluses. It is ideal as support for another heating system.

Single heating system: This is a combined operation in which the storage tank uses all the surplus solar energy and supplements the load, if necessary with energy produced during off-peak hours, providing constant comfort as a single heating system.

Single heating system with load regulation: In this mode of operation, the storage tank also regulates its own load on a daily basis. It will first use the surplus of the photovoltaic production and after evaluating the comfort needs, it will automatically regulate the percentage of the load by topping it up during off-peak hours. This regulation will always be automatic, taking into account the established heating requirements.

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